The small but cohesive and energetic team of Bulgarian Addresses will help you find your dream property. The team consists of people with experience in real estate, but also with a big heart, whose task is your satisfaction.

Who we are:

Marieta Dimitrova, Bulgaria: Marietta is responsible for opening and actuality of property deals and relationship with the owners. She would also be helpful in informing you about life in Bulgaria, help with after – sales relations, property maintenance…

Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria: our lawyer who cares about perfection of transactions from 2005 till now with no issues. Dimitar documentary explores the property acquisition and provides full and clear ownership by the buyer. He can give you advice on the legal side of the property questions in Bulgaria.

Yoncho Boyanov, Bulgaria: Yoncho will show you exactly your property, will make a preliminary selection according to your criteria and will offer you several exclusive matches to choose from. With his invaluable experience in the tax office / more than 15 years / he would be useful for advice when starting a business venture, and with his experience in renovation and repair he will give you appropriate advice for turning the purchased property into a dream home.

The team offers mediation in the purchase and sale of the properties, and our commission is 3 % of the purchase price, but not less than EUR 500. In special and complicated sales commission can vary and is negotiable.

Besides mediation of the property sales we offer complete services related to transactions: company registration if necessary, accounting services, after sales services, maintenance repair and renovations, construction, legal documents checking and finalizing real estate transactions of other properties, transfer from the airports in the country, assistance to obtain credit, insurance, security and many more…

Whatever the need arise to you, just ask, we will respond within a reasonable time.